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Since our inception, BeNameless has been dedicated to providing small brands access to high-quality consulting and implementation services focused on the Client Experience

Data research and persona curating is the foundation of all projects at BeNameless, It is how we establish great customer experience (CX) maps for your clients which in return equals customer longevity and REVENUE


Who we are: 

A team of hybrid strategist that believe in the power of integration. We aim to combine various marketing methodologies, innovation, and tech productivity methods to projects. 

Why we do it: 

Our love for experiences + Innovation allows us to truly tap into the psychological framework needed to connect, motivate, and retain user loyalty.

Our formula. 




Strategy Build


System Curation


Implement + Manage

Processes Content | Experience 


Provide Data Results


Serita Gaskin

Founder | Cheif Strategist + Producer

Hi Friends! I launched The BeNameless Agency to use my knowledge from over 15 years in corporate America to help smaller brands and creative entrepreneurs develop profitable client experience-based products/services and campaigns.

Since launching, I’ve built a team of amazing folks to help me, help you!


I genuinely love assisting our clients in achieving their business objectives while expanding their perception of CX and the importance of integrating various mediums into client journeys and campaigns.   


Quick Stats: 

  • Master's Entertainment Business

  • Bachelor's Digital Film & Video Production

  • Certified in AI Operations & Infostructure 

  • Certified in Consumer/Customer Insights 

  • Certified in Entrepreneurial Effectiveness

  • Certified in Pre-Production (video + event) Planning

  • Adjunct University Professor for Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy 

  • Internal Creative + Marketing Operations, Design Facilitation for Shopify, Publicis Group, Zimmerman Advertising 

  • Live Event + Interactive Campaign Management for Sprint, Honeywell, Nissan, Pfizer, JP Morgan Chases + others

  • Production Manager/Strategist of Advertising Campaigns for Party City, Ashley Furniture, Auto Nation, Tire Kingdom, Boston Market, Florida Panthers + others

  • Non-Profit Board Member & Developer of Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Our Culture 

We never work to live, we live to work! Our culture is dedicated to our employee's creative growth, educational advancement, and work/life integration.

That's right, not balance, INTEGRATION.  


Our team is fully remote headquartered in Buffalo, NY. We aim for the best of the best, making location, not a factor. 

What We Stand For:

  • Change is good, explore newness 

  • Positivity creates good energy 

  • Work smart, not hard 

  • Always lead with your most creative viewpoint 

  • We are a family, not coworkers

  • Why so serious, SMILE! 

  • Leaders take risk 

Key Values

Innovation  |  Commitment  |  Integrity  |  Empathy  |  Passion  |  Diversity 

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